PatiHoub – A circular solution for plastic waste in Laos

Pa-ti means “reform” or “revolution”, and Houb means “design” or “image” in Lao language, which together means to redesign plastic waste into valuable products and revolutionize the plastics value-chain.

Our business model

PatiHoub is Laos’ first value-chain focused recycling business and social franchisee of ReForm Plastic, an established business model for recycling started in Vietnam. ReForm Plastic solves the plastic waste crisis through a circular and inclusive approach with the informal sector that converts low-value plastic waste into durable, versatile and premium products through a unique, low-carbon process that creates positive social impacts by increasing income for waste collectors.

Using a social business model, PatiHoub aims to

  • Transform low-grade plastic waste into valuable and marketable products
  • Reduce plastic pollution in urban and rural areas in Laos through incentives for recycling.
  • Raise awareness of local businesses, communities and schools on the health and environmental dangers of plastic pollution and the importance of waste separation.
  • Create jobs and promote a circular economy in Laos by leveraging existing solid waste collection systems, informal waste collectors, and other stakeholders and partners.

Our Solutions

We address four main challenges in plastic waste management through an innovative and circular approach.

No Value

A massive share of landfill waste is low-value plastic such as shopping bags, packaging, styrofoam containers, etc. They are considered low-value as they are often not recyclable.

No Sorting

A lack of formal recycling programs and services are barriers to waste sorting practices among the public.

No Collection

Recycling is not collected separately. Waste collection service is not always available in many parts of the country.

No Processing

Most collected plastic waste are high value plastic and are sent abroad for further processing.

Our Process





Our Materials

PatiHoub products create strong social and environmental benefits while providing superior properties and quality. Our boards are made from an undervalued resource under careful material composition with state-of-the-art processing technology to produce boards that have many advantages over standard wood or composite boards. Great for construction, furniture and much more!

We have converted 14.000 kilograms of plastic waste

Our Team

Viengvilay Phimmasone

Viengvilay Phimmasone

Co-founder, Director

Thuy Phuong Nguyen

Thuy Phuong Nguyen

Co-founder, Technical Advisor

Serth Phonekeo

Serth Phonekeo

Operation Coordinator

Toun Phimmasone

Toun Phimmasone

Production Staff

Souk Phimlafanh

Souk Phimlafanh

Production Staff

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A social business transforming plastic waste in Laos into valuable, stylish and recyclable products.


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